Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well... what now smartass?

Right...all things considered yesterday's interview went well (this was like a couple of weeks ago). I believe that Syed was a man from whom I could learn a lot from, appreciated where I was coming from and genuinely held a passion for the profession (albeit with a strong degree of realism/jadedness poured into the mix as well)

As it often is when you have a chat with a person who's been through much of what you've been through and has progressed 20 or so years on from where you are, I could not help but re-analyze the circumstances that has led to the predicament I currently find myself in.

Having said that, it didn't turn out on an entirely positive note for me as I walked out still without a job... While Syed indicated that I'd most like be able to fit into his organization all fine and well... time just wasn't right for him to be taking on someone 'at my level' just yet :S

Which brings me to the conundrum of figuring out just exactly 'what' my level is?

I left H&K with the full knowledge that though I was entirely capable of running my own accounts, I was not being put in a position where that belief could be put to the proper test. I was not going to get anywhere babysitting GLC's through small time CSR gimmicks signing poignant MoU's with local Uni's for the greater glory of the Bumi, I wanted to be thrown into the thick of professional private corporations...of businesses with business sense where I could prove that PR would produce a direct correlation with the success of the organizations business plan (be it in sales, brand/cause awareness etc). I WANTED to prove that I was a kickass Senior Exec who's ready to move upwards.

...Instead I now find myself in a situation where people either A.Dont want to hire me coz they think I dont match their self proclaimed 'exceptional standards' B.Hire me but turn out to be ABSOLUTE nutjobs or C.Dont want to hire me because they cant afford to at this point in time.

I am genuinely perplexed here. What ever happened to people should hire me because I can fucking get the job done and well to boot!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Well... square one is a fun place to be non? :S

Right.... Didn't get the Text job so took on the Waves job....Management of Waves job ran things in ways that were totally conflicting with my own principles on work/humanity (Damn you Marx, you make things hard for me!!!) so have left Waves job... Now will be going for interview on Thursday for new job...

Been a roller coaster month thats been mentally draining (not to mention financially troubling...)

Oh well...hasta la victoria siempre!... either that or out the window :(