Monday, April 29, 2013

Phoenixes? To hell with phoenixes...

Almost there... Looks a lot better in person... :P

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Children of Asuryan

Yes, it's been a very long time and I have indeed been busy.

Don't think I've rampaged through painting an army this quickly while also testing myself by applying more effort.. Still aways to go to match up to the pro's but am very happy with the result nonetheless.

First up, my favourite models in all of hobbying at the moment, the Swordmasters of Hoeth.

Really love these guys, the sculpts are simply fantastic and game play wise they know how to bring the hurt. Most momentous moment to date is when about 7 of them cut a swath through Hassanal's Bloodletters, pinching a slim win over seemingly overwhelming odds at the time.

Next up, also incredibly nice models but really also getting on my nerves because there's just soo many bloody details to get through, the Seaguard.

As you can see, not quite done yet and to be honest I've moved on to other units for the moment just to break the monotony of things. Very pleasing to look at though and they've been a dependable, albeit fragile, core of line infantry to support the battle-line.

Which brings us on to the Spearmen!

Actually also really like the look and feel of this regiment. The front two ranks have spears forward just waiting to impale any enemy lacking in caution. Incredibly fragile troops who've been totally trampled upon by hard hitting cavalry or heavy infantry in a couple of games... but still one of the units which I'm most pleased with in terms of look and feel. A great big thank you to my lovely Rachel for pointing out that Red IS the only colour I could have painted those shields.

Which brings me to my current line up of Lords and Heroes.

From left to right, Level 1 Mage, Level 4 Arch-Mage, Level 1 Mage and Hero of the Elven Republic.

Need to take some better pictures of these guys. Again, quite pleased with the result of these guys as they are a bit of a new personal best (Simply in terms of attention to details/ Actually shaded the jewels here dammit.) In any case, going to try to push myself even more with...

Puff, the Magic Dragon....

For some reason I forgot to take a close up shot of my finished White Lion Chariot the other night. Also missing from the line-up is my regiment of White Lions (Who have been utterly devastating in battle), and Korhil who's one of, if not the best, Heroes out there. Still a fair bit of progress to go in finishing them up... and the new Tau are providing me with a significant distraction. An incredibly exciting boost with the new Codex.... Blasting three out of three Necron Night Scythes out of the sky... Hallelujah...