Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mediocrity blows

Ever push yourself to be better than what you are? Ever aspire to attain a level of proficiency in something that was supposedly exemplified by others? Ever throw in every last bit of what you have, struggle to achieve the principles, values, skills of those you aspire to?


What happens when you become everything your aspirations told you you had to be, look around, and realize that it was all a fucking sham...

And what happens when you appreciate that you were the one dumb enough to believe that there ever were, or could have been something or someone that was worth aspiring to, with a better set of values, promise what have you?

What happens when you realize your just another fucking mercenary, who bought into another (albeit well constructed) set of lies? and who's shoveling shit just like any other fucking mercenary that there ever was.

Well, you start playing Warhammer 40k again is one thing...