Sunday, June 9, 2013

Target(s) acquired

Been in a real hobby slump of late, primarily because I'd gone and done the usual thing of getting too much stuff, overwhelming myself with the hobby workload and then going into the inevitable "frakit,don't give a damn, gonna watch tv instead mode."

So, just listing out some objectives I've mentally set, (and by all means, come after me with an axe if I don't get them done).

Dark Eldar- Eldar Alliance list. Get these guys ready for play (assembled+ongoing painting) in the campaign being organised by Yip and Billy. Get a fully painted and WYSIWYG 1850 list for the year end tournament. This involves:-

Painting up the Eldar contingent. Going to push myself to make these guys look great with proper reference to painting guides, tips, techniques and the color RED.

Eldar on the list are -
1 Farseer
1 Warlock (Need to strip the paint of this 90's white metal era yokel first to boot)
10 Guardians
1 Wave Serpent
1 Crimson Hunter
1 Wraithknight

Aimed time of completion - August


Dark Eldar. This is where it hurts... RE-painting all of my Kabalites into something actually half decent. Will keep the crimson colour scheme for my Wyches (which I won't be using in the list :S...), the Incubi, Archon and his personal Venom but gonna respray and re-paint the two kabalite squads, their 2 venoms and a ravager... Seeing as I do have 5 unpainted Incubi, I might even paint them and the personalised Venom in the new scheme... but the list of things to do is already exceptionally intimidating.
Aimed time of completion - In time for the Year End Legio Tourney

High Elves

Taking a deliberate pause here as I made a clear mistake in trying to paint too many infantry units at one go (Will muntah darah if I have to paint steel armor AGAIN). Still, have been spending a fair amount more effort on em than I traditionally do, so will definitely try not to rush this so that they come out dapper. Still, deadlines should be deadlines so;

Items to complete
- The Prince on Dragon.
- Phoenix with Caradryan
- Plastic on foot Caradryan
- Prince on Griffin
- 10 Elf Silver Helm regiment
- 20 White Lions
- the second White Lion chariot
Actually not that much left all things considering... Must find inspiration to do this.

Deadline. November.

Tau - Haha!

Dark Elves - Assembled and primed in time for the Legio Throwdown - October... rargh.

So on that note, really need to discipline myself on the purchases. It's amazing how when you're fired up to paint you can do whole regiments at pretty good quality in a matter of weeks... But when the bug leaves you, you wallow about like a dugong... Considering that work is going back into overdrive mode and much of July-August will likely be focused on the home reno, actually not too much time left for hobby time either... Ho-boy... :S


  1. Haha, and my professional self yells at me that these aren't even proper deadlines, should be listing out timeline per unit entry!... Where's that flagellants flail?....

  2. Eldar&Dark eldar....hmmmm do I smell some high grade keju somewhere hehe. Good to see you blogging again bro. That wraithknight is gonna paint up nicely. Are you going with Saim-Hann with red?
    Just so you know GREY goes really well with red ;)

  3. Nice! Mine's almost done with subassembly stage...