Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Episode IV:A New Hope

Major Luke Skywalker moment...Mark Hamil most definitely did NOT have a six pack though... nor do I unfortunately... :(

Well...after going through literally half a dozen interviews and several offers, have finally had the good fortune to come across a company called TQPR that has most of the qualities which I find endearing in a PR agency,as a company and in its people.

More importantly after having a very good chat with them and completing the most well thought out writing test I've ever encountered they believe, as I do, that we will be able to build a healthy working relationship together...and they offered me a job =P

So as of Wednesday, 3rd of June 2009... I shall once again be a part of productive society >_<
(And have the money to build my Imperial Guard Army!Muahahaha!)

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