Thursday, July 26, 2012

FoW Mittlere Panzerkompanie

Right, today we'll be looking at the first of the two Medium Panzer companies which I'll be running for the upcoming Case Orange campaign.

Fairly straightforward with half a dozen Panzer III E's (CO, 2iC and a Combat Platoon) at the core of it supported by a Platoon of 3 Panzer II's, a Mixed Panzerspah Platoon of Sdkfz 221's/ 222's, a Luftwaffe battery of 2 88's and a gun battery of 4 of the excellent German 10.5 artillery.

Panzer III's will lead the way with this list giving me a great base of mobile fire to play around with.

A young Leutnant Blitz?

Panzerspah recon leads the way while the Panzer II platoon looks to harass and flank the enemy.

Will try to take pictures under better light and with a better camera next time. Can't seem to find the bleedin charging for the digital cam so relying on the ol iPhone.

Artillery. Indispensable in the Early War period really what with the masses of dug in Tommy and Froggy infantry to be expected, not to mention hordes of tissue paper thin yet up gunned Tanks

The guns are of course a rather expensive option to take on points wise, but am quite confident that they'll recoup the cost with charred corpses and burnt out tanks. 

Pioneers.... Who aren't actually in the list.. Frickin photobombing krauts...

And the wondrous 88s. Yet another rather expensive option, but they're just plain iconic of the Wehrmacht so couldn't have left them out of the line-up/collection, no sir. Also, they're an excellent solution to those damned Matilda's, Char Bi-1's and Somua's which are likely to be running about.

Managed to have a test game with these krauts against Mark and his Tommy Rifle Company already and while there were plenty of painful lessons learnt, had to say that I was rather pleased with how these boys pulled together for the win. Onward now to the Blitzkrieg!

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