Friday, August 10, 2012

Case Yellow:- Training Exercise

Some images from the pre-invasion training the Wehrmacht's been going through. A Mittlere Panzerkompanie attack against Mechanised French attempting a Hold Out mission.

The 88's set up for over watch fire on the objective.

The 2 Panzer III Platoons line up ready to charge on to the objective

A Panzer II platoon deploys on the left flank with the 10.5 guns covering them.

Turn I:- Panzer III's roll out towards the objective. Left side platoon swings through the village to scan for ambushes and secure cover. Right side platoon drives straight towards the objective albeit cautiously.

French dummy tanks sit in place covering primary objective on the right flank.

As per pre-war doctrine, Luftwaffe support is called in to handle heavy French armour. Luftwaffe however fails to deliver ordnance on target and are driven off by simulated French anti-aircraft fire.

Turn 2:- Panzer III's blast away at suspected French observer team position, knocking them out. Left flank Panzer III Platoon also secures objective.

Training marshals enforce collateral casualties as predicted for "advancing under fire" situations.

 Luftwaffe support once again brought in to deal with French heavy armour, succeeding in destroying one dummy Char Bi-1.

Smoke bombardment forces remaining Char Bi-1's to advance from their static positions, minimal fire of Panzer III platoon completely ineffective. Return fire from over watch 88s annihilate surviving tanks. With no French forces contesting objective at the end of Turn 2, training marshals declare exercise complete.

Panzerkompanie now ready for Operational Deployment in Case Yellow.

Long live sacred Germany!


  1. Hahahah nice battle rep there bro! Teach those frenchie fries not to mess with the third reich...even in simulated training.

    Arzmi's gonna love this post :) hehe

    Sieg hail!!!

  2. Haha thanks man. Yea let Arzmi know that until he finishes painting his Frenchies they're nothing more than training dummies!