Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Death Dealing Angels

Dusting out the model cabinet and thought I'd start posting up images of the ol 40k troops.

First up, my beloved Fallen (Count As Blood Angels in this case)

Death Company Chaplain - Guy who stirs up stuff so that the Death Company gets pissed off right and proper

Thunder Hammer DC, doubles as the Sarge for one of my non-jump pack assault squads.

Death Dealing Angels flanked by the DC Dred/ Furioso

My preferred can opener/ Marine killer

Sanguinary Guard Champion.. Alas, rarely play the Guard in my list so this guy sometimes doubles as an Assault Squad Sarge with Power Fist. 

It's been a LONG while since I took these boys out for a spin, or touched 40k for that matter but the new Dark Angel marines in Dark Vengeance look mighty fine. Gonna have to be a lot more responsible with the finances these days though so hoping to avoid a massive plastic crack addiction, but will definitely be dusting these boys off for a twirl, once I make the effort to go through the new rules that is :S.

Death and ruin to the enemies of Terra!

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  1. Dude....update your blog you slacker!!!!! muahahahaha