Wednesday, July 31, 2013





  1. Very nice bro! What kit is this from or did you kit bash it?

  2. It comes as a kit from this independent supplier, I forget the name right now. Just added in the assault cannon and Interceptor teleport pack onto it. Still not really done with it to be honest, but haven't had much time to work on it either :S Might cut off the hand and transform that tubular part into some kind of weapon of doom.

    Having said that my original idea from a fluff perspective was that this was the culmination of parallel weapons research by an anti-Imperial Unification War faction, of Tactical Dreadnought Armor (Prototype Designation MX-01). Same design parameters of a heavily armed and armored unit for stand off engagements as well as deepspace and close quarter battle engagements, but which utilized what had already become highly illegal, and now heretical, Artificial Intelligence technology. Because it was a purely mechanical unit without any biological components, thought it justified to slap on the assault cannon on top of the cyclone missile launcher and flamer as well as the backpack for site-to-site teleportation as energy drains from life support systems are entirely absent.

    Disappointingly for its designers , fortunes of the Unification War had already turned decisively in the Emperor's favor, and by the time the MX-01 had completed prototype testing, Imperial forces spearheaded by the Emperor's Thunder Warriors had already begun to overrun anti-Unification positions leaving units of this highly promising weapon system abandoned and forgotten..... until now.