Sunday, July 7, 2013

Of Epic Gaming Moments

Had the chance to use the Terrify psychic power with my Farseer today. Up till now had always underestimated it because it looked seemingly meh. But today, seeing as I was going up against Mark's Necrons, which I usually struggle against, I figured what the hell.

So it's turn 4, and unsurprisingly it's a pretty tough fight with his multiple Night Scythe drop staring down at my one remaining troop choice of Dire Avengers with both Asurmen and Farseer down to 1 last wound each. My WraithKnight is nearby and locked in combat with another squad of Necron warriors, which I was trying to keep off an objective (and the overall fight) but then a Necron Destroyer Lord charges in and was tearing it apart thanks to mind-shackle scarabs and general good luck.

So, moment of truth, lose the wraith knight and a destroyer lord and necron squad are going to add to my troubles, likely ensuring a Necron victory from overwhelming numbers. Farseer thumbs his nose and casts Terrify onto the Necron Destroyer Lord. It is successful. Mark rolls deny the witch. Fails. He notes how fortunate it is all Necrons have Ld 10. Rolls his morale test... and FAILS!

So Necron Destroyer Lord breaks away from the combat and scampers off whence his codified circuits and cloud based operating systems came from! Successfully regroups in his turn but lacking Marine uberness, does nothing else in the turn allowing Big W to take out a few more Warriors though they do not break. Poor shooting by Mark leaves the Dire Avengers heavily battered, but alive! And in my next turn, the WraithKnight finishes off the warriors in combat while, in a round of very fortunate shooting, the Dire Avengers, Asurmen and the Farseer polishes off the entire remainder of the Necron squad which had been hammering away at them.

Bottom of the 5th, it's Mark's turn and with not much left, he tries to at least contest an objective by charging into the Wraithknight with the Necron Destroyer Lord. It blasts away with his Heavy Wraithcannons and misses, but gets to re-roll because of Prescience and boom, rolls the six. Suffice it to say that there wasn't much left of the Necron Lord to re-animate. Game ends in an Eldar victory, and it was pretty much down to the sequence of events brought about courtesy of Terrify :D

Moral of the story, your models will excel in combat when you finish painting them :P


  1. Your game as well dude? Good job!

  2. "your models will excel in combat when you finish painting them :P"

    Truer words were never spoken o wise one...