Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is doing the right thing the right thing to do, or is it plain reckless?

Well, hit a bit of a bump on the road towards getting a new job.

Was told by the company that I really wanted to join up with that things were being pushed back a bit due to some internal matters, and so I'd only be able to go for my second interview some time in early April (and that I was not to hold my breath with early April at that)

This of course placed me in quite a spot because A) My offer with this Government Linked Company pretty much expired today(or yesterday rather) and B) There isn't any guarantee that I will be getting the job that I want because B.1) I'm still going to be up in the running against someone else for the job and B.2) There's no guarantee that they wont just decide not to hire :S
I'll admit that B.2 worries me a hell of a lot more than B.1 but yea...

However, I think what has gotten me so worked up and insomnia-tic for the past 48 hours was that this little setback made it very clear to myself, just how precarious my situation actually is...and that it can spiral out of control for reasons I have no control over. Facts are that it is a recession and that as good as I think/know I am my accomplishments in the past nine months are hardly worth screaming about when you put them next to what the heavy hitters in PR are doing...and I am a firm believer that its not who you are or what you are or what you think that matters, its what you do.

So why go through with it? Why suffer such insecurities for something with an uncertain outcome when security and safety is at hand with the GLC offer? It pays more, it IS a promotion to the next level and on paper, it should be the logical progression!

Well I truly believe that this job at Text, is a shot at redemption... because there I will be tested to the fullest and will have to raise my own bar to match the standard. I will opposed to the GLC where I will most likely be one of the few individuals who pull their own weight...
and yea...I miss being amongst professional PR practitioners who aren't in the industry as a semi-retirement option from journalism (This topic is deserving of an entire blog entry in its own right..shall touch on it soon)

Well in the meantime, I have sent out a few applications to other agencies... But yea... ever gotten the feeling when you knew something/someone was absolutely right for you..but whether you got it or not was .just. beyond. your. control....Am having a serious case of that right now :S

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