Monday, March 16, 2009


      (Wee Vern, Yam Meng and Myself)

Wow...on Saturday, 14th of March 2009, I met up with Wee Vern and Yam Meng. Two friends of mine from my primary school days in Penang...and who I have not met or heard from since standard 3...yup...standard 3...16 years ago.

It all started a few months or so ago when Yam Meng got in touch with me through (yup, you guessed it) Facebook! After quite some time of procrastination due to the obligations of working life, we finally set a date for the get together and yea...old friendships have now been rekindled!

It's amazing because though 16 years have separated us, it was easy to get along well (and even recall Mr Tan who left a massive hole in the black board after getting soo pissed off by the noise level we were making in class that he let it out with an almighty punch =P)

And, older we may be...the only massive difference I found was in the way we sounded (come on la, standard 3, voices still had'nt cracked yet =P) ... Especially with regards to Wee Vern...Yam Meng's a bit heftier and I've lost a hell of a lot of hair... but Wee Vern's unchanged man! 

Anyways, to old friends!

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